Morgan Taylor ‘Make A Splash Summer Collection’ Nail Lacquer Colors

All the Morgan Taylor ‘Make A Splash Summer Collection’ Nail Lacquer colors are playful and give a sparkling pop of fun to any outfit. ‘Flip Flops & Tube Tops’ complimented by their iridescent ‘Cellophane Coat’ is my favorite combination to wear so far. I wore this combo to the beach this past weekend. I absolutely love the Cellophane Coat! It makes every color shimmer in the sun.The rest of the colors are not colors you would wear everyday, but they are really fun to try out. Today, did the bright orange color “You’ve got tan-gerine lines” with the Cellophane Coat over top. I did two coats, but the Cellophane Coat is key! It adds shimmer and makes the manicure last longer. I also never realized orange is such a pretty nail polish color!

“Even if you can’t live on the Beach or at the pool all summer, with Make a Splash collection, your nails will make you feel that way!”- Danny Haile, CEO and Founder of @gelishmini and Morgan Taylor.


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